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i am sweet as honey. . .but i can be dangerouus


27 April
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Zac Hanson

-=The Cowboy=-
You are characterized by boisterousness, but you
express every feeling you have with the same
intensity. Despite your wild emotions, you're
intelligent and funny, kind and caring.
You seem to be waiting for something to help you
start up your life, to captivate your interest.
Someday you shall find it. In the mean time,
you'll watch the Discovery channel so you can
wow that special someone with facts that they
probably won't care about. And when you're
feeling angsty, you'll remedy that by beating
the crap out of your drums.

"Cowboy": Independent, rebellious,
intelligent, dreamer, hard working

If you were a member of the band Hanson, which member would you be?
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hanson true love and destiny
your favorite hanson
favorite color
shoe size
number of hanson posters you own
how many times did you meet hanson
favorite song
you will go on a date with zac
you will meet him at macdonalds
you will go on a date to a makeout party
the two of you will make out in the back where no one can see you
he will marry you under the stars at a small wedding on the beach
you and him will make lots of love
This quiz by girlie21 - Taken 23 Times.
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You&apos;re Natalie
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You&apos;re Kate! You used to date Isaac and now you date Zac
What Hanson Girlfriend Are You? [Updated]

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